A + B + C = Free

To me the equation is simple:
The world is changing faster.
We determine if that change is good or bad.
Those who shaped the past have money now, and those who will shape the future don’t.
A plus B plus C means that if I want a bright future, I need to help motivate and inspire people who can’t pay for lectures.


Here’s how it works 

I tour giving lectures and seminars. That means I go somewhere, do one gig and then I go back home. I figure I should use that trip to do more. So I want you to invite me to speak for free. When I schedule an event in your country, city or region, I will tell you, and we can arrange for your free lecture.



The event is aimed at people who would not be able to attend my regular lecture.
I want to reach those I normally wouldn’t be able to. If you’re a big business, a seminar arranger or someone else who regularly hire speakers, you can book me for your event the regular way. If you’re a school, an NGO, NPO, a social hub or any other kind of group shaping the future of the world – not just your own future – then it’s you I want to offer this free setup to.

The event is strictly nonprofit.
Don’t make people pay, unless it’s necessary in order to cover your expenses. But try to keep it simple. Be resourceful. An office, a large room or the outdoors will do. Friendly is better than flashy, as long as we’re comfortable. If you are going to charge admission, please let me know the amount and what expenses it is meant to cover.

You are not competing with my ordinary lectures.
Your event cannot compete with a paid event in the same city or region. If it does there won’t be any lectures at all, and nobody wins.

That’s it. Send an email to free@hyttfors.com to apply. Tell me what kind of organization you are, where you are geographically and who will be invited – school children, politicians, activists, etc. Also include any other details that I should know about. Please be brief and to the point.