Happy future!

A common mistake when we think about the future is to try to describe it as a linear extension of the present. Sure “Everything and everyone will be constantly connected and interconnected””, but what does things like that mean?
I think we need to think more about behavioral changes, as a result of technology, to see its meaning and to be able to take the necessary decisions.

These are some of my thoughts on trends for the coming ten years:

No more jobs
In ten years, we can automate a large part of today’s office work alternatively outsource data in a global service market.
We have to choose between increased social problems and violent conflicts or a new political vision of a society where no one has to work. (Hey! Does that really sound so bad to you..?)

Teachers don’t know the answer
When everyone have constant access to information, knowledge is no longer power. The school system and the teacher’s role becomes irrelevant if they don’t adapt to meet each individual’s need. PISA-evaluations is a thing of the past.

Healthcare is about upgrading
Today Hospitals, doctors and healthcare is mainly to cure illness and fix problems. But in ten years we can begin to upgrade healthy people with improved body functions. The future gap between rich and poor is in health.

Big is bad
As the speed of change increases to a constant movement it becomes unmanageable for large organizations.
In ten years a lot of small organizations with big networks will beat large corporations who are killed while reorganizing.
(Stop aiming for growth if you don’t have to because of any strategic reason!)

Banks are dying
Peer to peer networking and crypto-currencies will allow next generation to fund themselves without intermediaries.
Today’s economic system based on debt will begin to crumble when banks are no longer required and the value of assets no longer growing.

Tech companies rule the world
In ten years, we are as dependent on information technology as we are of electricity today.
Everything is data which transform more and more companies to subcontractors in a data-driven world. (Who says a car of the future isn’t a computer on wheels?) This makes privacy and net neutrality the future question of democracy.

Remember, you can wait and see, or you can challenge yourself and thereby be the one who creates. No matter what, change will come.
See you in the future!

One response to “Happy future!”

  1. Willie Löthberg says:

    Jag hittade din föreläsning om digitalisering på YouTube. Måste säga att din rappa och faktafyllda föreläsarstil är en frisk fläkt bland Svenska föreläsare och det klippet är verkligen inspirerande. Jag har lagt upp den på vår blog visbyblog.koneo.se för jag tycker du svarar bättre på frågor om digitalisering än vad jag skulle kunna göra i ett inlägg. Ville bara tacka för ett jobb bra gjort och meddela att jag kommer hålla ögonen öppna efter andra klipp med dig. Keep up the good work!