Internet Matters by McKinsey – Quotes & Report Link

McKinsey just released a very interesting report on “the Net’s impact on growth, jobs and prosperity“.
No matter what business you’re in I strongly recommend you to take a few minutes, download, read and think about the hard facts of the report and what it means to you.

Some quotes to catch your attention:

– If Internet consumption and expenditure were a sector, its weight in GDP would be bigger than energy, agriculture, or several other critical industries. The Internet’s total contribution to the GDP is bigger than the GDP of Spain or Canada, and it is growing faster than Brazil.

– It took the Internet 15 years to achieve the same increase in GDP per capita as the industrial revolution did in 50 years.

– 75% of Internet impact arises from traditional industries.

– 2,6 jobs are created for every one job lost due to the Internet

– Small end medium businesses heavily using Web technologies grow and export 2x as much as others. They also created more than twice the number of jobs as others.

– Internet contribution to GDP growth in Sweden 2004-09 was 33 percent.

– All business leaders, not just e-CEOs, should put the Internet at the top of their strategic agenda.



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  1. Spelling police says:

    The Internet, with a capital I, unless it is used as an adjective. The Internet is a proper pronoun.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Lyssnar på din presentation “(Swe) “Jag är Internet” Webbdagarna
    2010-09-16”. Mycket intressant. Precis hittat dig på nätet genom en
    artikel i Du verkar vara som den svenska “Gary Vaynerchuk”. 🙂