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My mission is to make you ready for change. There are two kinds of change. There’s falling, and there is jumping. Falling is when someone pushes you off a cliff. At best, it takes seconds to go through the stages – horror, panic, flapping limbs, getting ready for impact – before landing.
At worst? At worst, you are still panicking after you’ve hit the ground.

Jumping is different from falling. When you jump, you decide the approach. You decide whether to flap your arms or turn your jacket into a makeshift parachute. The ground might still be coming quickly at you, you might get hurt, but you are in control, you can adjust damages, and you might even land in a better place than where you started.

Jumping is thrilling.

We are all being pushed towards a cliff. The world is changing. The Internet is the biggest game changer of all and it affect all markets. And when markets change, you change or you die.

Change is also a part of life. Your employment is not forever, neither is the way you interact with others or the things you hold to be true.

You could use your energy to hinder change, put your feet down, and push until you lose your footing. Or you can face the cliff, take a deep breath – and jump.

Change is what makes life fun, what makes each generation more well off than the next and what makes this a great time to be alive. It’s a relentless tide that we can either fight against or ride.
I prefer riding it, and I want to help you do the same.

One of my strenghts is reliability and professionalism, with a record of avg. evaluation score at 4,9 (out of 5) from 700+ clients and major events. Awarded Talarforum’s (Scandinavia’s leading Speaker Bureau) Speaker of the Year in 2012 and 2014.

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