Stefan Hyttfors is an acclaimed futurist, author and global speaker focused on disruptive technologies, behavioral change and next generation leadership.

Stefan has a background as journalist and economist. He has been awarded the Swedish speaker of the year two times.

Noteworthy clients include:
Microsoft, IBM, Ericsson, HP, Spotify, Gartner, Deloitte, PwC, Swedbank, DnB, LSEG, AstraZeneca, Skanska, E.on, BMW, Toyota, Mercedes Benz, Unilever, H&M, Nike, IKEA.

Stefan’s expertise covers areas such as:

  • Being cutting edge through customer driven innovation.
  • The future economy of labor – what we should be aiming for.
  • How to turn leadership around, from one of self-serving to team-serving.
  • How traditional hierarchies are being replaced by networks.
  • How to prepare for change in the face of uncertainty.
  • How to make your business more value oriented.
  • Increased sustainability through controlled growth.
  • Holistic value creation – making your business valuable for society, employees and clients, as well as owners.
  • How to become more agile and competitive in the new information economy.

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Stefan Hyttfors är en av Nordens ledande föreläsare inom framtida trender, omvärldsbevakning, innovation och affärsutveckling.

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