Stefan Hyttfors new book is out!


What others are saying:

“This book is a lot like an exceptional necklace of pearls. But instead of pearls, it strings ideas together. Brightly shining, awe-inspiring, courageous and beautiful rock-your-world-ideas, seamlessly held together with a thread woven by wisdom.”
Björn Natthiko Lindeblad, International Public Speaker and Meditation Teacher with 16 years’ experience of being a Buddhist Monk

“In a time of cynicism about the future, Stefan Hyttfors has crafted a book that urges us to reach higher – in our consciousness and our aspirations. Combining timeless wisdom and future trends, he weaves an inspiring narrative to help us prepare for the changes ahead and like a bottle of complex wine, Yoga for Leaders is both ancient and contemporary, simplistic and complicated and – as Hyttfors generously admits – both wrong and right. As a reader, you will come out on the other side feeling enlightened and rejuvenated. Just like yoga, when it works at its best.”
Magnus Lindkvist, Trendspotter and Futurologist, author of Minifesto

“I believe leaders of today are facilitators of movements instead of experts on the top of an organization. We need to embrace the unexpected and co-create with people for the unexpected. To use your vulnerability as a vehicle for innovation. To constantly practice instead of organize. I’m thankful that there is finally a book that could inspire us how to practice this.”
Lisa Lindström, Chief Executive Officer, Doberman, awarded Sweden’s Best Employer

“Get ready for some deep mind stretching with this great book packed with insights. I’ve read Yoga for Leaders with a big smile and found myself taking pages full of notes. I love books that have a lot of condensed food for thought and starting points for further exploration. It’s refreshing that Stefan does not force his view of the future upon the reader. He is a ‘possiblist’ (his own words) that lets his leaders read in & out, adapt and create their own future. And if that sounds a bit too ‘yoga’ for you… then you definitely have to read this book!”
Thimon de Jong, Speaker & Founder, Whetston Strategic Foresight