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Stefan Hyttfors lectures on how innovation, disruptive technologies and behavioral change affects the worlds of business and social issues.
The mission is to inspire as many as possible to embrace change.
Stefan is available for keynotes.

Schools and nonprofits can book Stefan Hyttfors for free.
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Organizations and leaders who don't see people as a commodity to be managed in order to grow money, but rather see money as the commodity in their mission to help grow people, and society, is the new trend in free market capitalism.

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Was it you who decided that eight-hours-five-days-a-week was important to manage your work? Did you decide that a fully booked calendar with lots of meetings was important? Was it really you who made us value money above all?

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I think we live in the most exciting of times. Internet is connecting people from around the world and this has laid the foundation for a new kind of society. For the first time in history civilization can build on peer to peer collaboration rather than hierarchy.

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